Welcome to Aghanina

About Us


Aghanina was founded in the second half of 2007. It has specialized in the entertainment field and has become popular in Iraq and the Arab world. As well, between Iraqi and Arab communities around the world.


Aghanina has produced many music videos and songs for a wide range of Iraqi and Arab artists. In addition, it has broadcast many live TV shows and recorded programs for entertainment.


Aghanina was created to entertain people with the latest music videos and songs.

Our Team

Karam Rassam, Composer

Karam is the founder of Aghanina. He has started his job field as a composer since 2001. He has worked and composed over 120 songs to a various Iraqi and Arab singers. 

Noor Rassam, Video Editor and Colorist

Noor has started his job field since 2011. He has worked and contributed in making many music videos and programs with directors.

Our Company

Our company differentiates itself by producing a unique artistic works which can make you indulge the beauty and feel satisfied.